Ahmedabadi is a seasoned web and mobile solution architect who happens to be a leader and strategist. A person that is expert in Operational Management, Business Communication, Project Management, Startup Planning, Strategy and implementation, Product conceptualization and implementation; with an aspiring passion in inventing new and more effective user-friendly mobile and web technology that will solve every business common problems and needs. With 15 years of experience, opportunity to design, innovate, develop and implement numerous successful mobile and web products and services. Very fortunate to have a happy clients and employers were in all previous employed and current customers are very happy and contented with the contribution.

In year 1997, career in software programmer had begun. Its growing career gave opportunity to handle leading roles at IBM an IT company and has several degrees on computers and MBA from Newport University, California. Ahmedabadi is also the Amazon Web Services certified cloud solution architect and hold different career solution that includes CTO, Director, Senior Architect, Team Leader, Senior
Developer and many more.

The founder of mobile and web solution Development Company IndaPoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd and AppliView Technologies, an online recruitment software company.

With specialties in Leading and running an offshore development business, Operational Management, Business Planning, Internet Strategies, Management of large team developers and designers, web cloud solution and architect, Mobile and Web product and solution development, and startups.

A very hardworking person that loves to deal with client queries and problems and is always available.