Joining dots

IndaPoint Technologies Pvt. Ltd

When we started PHP development in 1999 we had no idea about the future. We started because that was only an option given to us by an employer or by customers. We were still learning the technology by reading and PHP manual was the only reference available at that time and we used to read the manual one by one.

It is correctly said that you cannot join dots forward, you can only do it backward and how it is true when I think about the way I started learning PHP. I started because it was only language that was being use at the company I Joined; I was more a Microsoft guy and only knew ASP at that time. On first day I learnt ‘echo’ and ‘mail’ function of PHP and that really surprised me. How easy it was! The simplicity and easy syntax attracted me towards the language and it was smooth and easy path the learn the language

We never thought (even dreamt) that world’s most popular website Facebook after the Google will be running on PHP.  I really feel good now that I started learning a promising technology.

PHP is now becoming more a technology rather than just a scripting language.  There are numerous websites which advocates the PHP and debate continues. From a programmer standpoint, I don’t think that any other language is having a strong combination of simplicity and robustness.   There are technologies which are strong and robust but may not be as simple as PHP.

Even from businesses’ perspective it really does have a competitive advantage, from my experience with couple of other technologies; I know that it takes almost double efforts and cost to develop similar project with technology other than PHP. Of course this is really not a rule but it is probably correct at with reference to projects in which I have been involved so far.

Albeit, PHP is our best choice, we are not prejudiced and we work on any technology (.net,, PHP, Facebook, Joomla, Java, Modx  etc) which provides business and we must be learning a few new in recent future.